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airport tankAPI 650 Storage Tanks

Most Aboveground Atmosheric Storage Tanks today are API 650 Storage Tanks which are used for storing liquid products like gasoline, jet fuel, water, non corrosive acid's, diesel fuel, stove oil, boiler feed water, ethanol, and any petrochemical uses. These Aboveground Atmospheric Storage Tanks range in sizes from 12' Diameter to 250' Diameter to anywhere from 10' high to 120' high. Today as we approach a new enviromental aspect to storage tank solutions, clients can only afford to put forth the best supply and fabrication storage tanks.

The American Petroleum Institue (API) 650 is the most utilized standard for construction of Aboveground Atmospheric Storage Tanks. These storage tanks are designed and constructed for operating pressures less than 2.5 psig. As every year comes and goes the API codes change and become stingent for fabricators. As these codes change and become more stringent, the industry finds more of these API 650 storage tank contractors disappearing from these construction activities. The dissappearing of these contractors is due to the lack of skilled tradesmen available to produce the product that API requires.

API 620 Storage Tanks

Should your operating pressures for storage requirements be in the range of 2.5 to 15 psig. your requirement is such that an API 620 storage tank solution would be your more likely choice. Today with API becoming more stringent, API 620 has reached a new plateau in quality. As stated above, Quality Tank accepts and embraces the more stringent codes on the basis that only good workmanship will prevail in this industry.

Mechanical Equipment (Water Clarifier's, Process Thickener's, Anaerobic Digester's, Incinerators, etc.)

Many of our clients today have a tank construction project which in turn is part of mechanical equipment. In this respect, Quality Tank is not interested in any mechanical, electrical, and piping installations work, but should a storage tank be part of there scope of work, we have completed some large installations of tanks mechanical equipment with agitator and weir boxes. Let us have a look at your mechanical project and help you achieve your construction needs. In our recent projects find some these projects we have completed for other contractors.