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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel TankQuality Tank Inc. has had many successful supply and installation projects involving carbon steel Storage Tanks Solutions. At Quality Tank we feel that it is in the companies best interests to provide a quality fabrication using only the highest standard construction crews. Many of our competitor feel that a tank is only a tank, "put up a couple of plates and weld them together and it holds product". Quality Tank's management, supervisory, and engineering staff have spent countless hours inventing/engineering new construction methods to become faster with the same quality outcome. These new construction methods have found effective and in turn have decreased the overall product costs which are forwarded to our clients in our proposals

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless TankTaking into consideration that our clients must have a corrosion alternative to many of the storage requirements, Quality Tank's management, supervisory, and construction tradesman have various projects of experience on API 650 Stainless Steel Aboveground Storage Tanks. Most Stainless Steel API 650 Storage Tanks today are identical to the requirements of the carbon steel, but have the distinct ability to provide a corrision alternative. The construction of these tanks are the same as carbon steel but add a little difficulty to the welding aspect. Quality Tanks experienced personell can provide only the best possible fabrications in this field.